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Here's what our customers have to say about the Big Daddy Cargo Roof Bag:

on 12 May 2017
I haven't actually taken the Big Daddy bag out on a real trip yet. We put some sleeping bags, blankets, pillows and other "soft stuff" for camping in there and only half filled it. Then we lifted it onto the roof and had a go at tying it up. It's very difficult to tie a half full bag down because the black plastic clips are too low down; over the roof bars infact which makes tightening very difficult. So when we go on the real trip we will fill it up. I decided to buy the non-slip mat and separate straps which clip under the rubber seals above your doors. Now I know I'll be super secure when going camping. It wasn't necessary, but I wanted to be 100% sure because I've never driven with anything on the roof before.

The bag itself comes in a cool bag for storage purposes - I'm not able to re fold it away in the same manner it arrived, but it still fits.

The quality of the bag is great. It looks like canvas in the picture but it's not. It's like a bike's inner tube. Rubber. Great for rain to run right off it though which is what you want.

The zips are tough. Very strong so you wont need replacements. The zips are tough to pull because they're big be careful. Flaps cover the zip so it means no rain water can get through and into the bag.

The straps which are attached to the bag itself are super strong and so are the clips which have a locking mechanism. So you clip them together and slide a button on top to lock them they cant ping open on the motorway!

The non slip mat will be very useful in stopping it sliding around on the roof, but the rubber material of the bag itself should stop it from sliding.

There is a LOT of space!!!!!! I tried it out when it arrived and put in it 5 sleeping bags, 5 pillows, 5 inflatable airbeds and 5 large blankets. Despite this, the bag was only half full. This means we now have room for our camping clothes too; fleeces etc, or as the Mrs thinks 3 handbags, 14 pairs of shoes, 12 summer dresses and 40 pairs of underwear!!!! Seriously's huge

Love this product...couldn't afford a roof box so this does the job perfectly and for a reasonable price
on 7 October 2017
Great roof bag. Got 4 medium cases and a hold all inside it. Everything stays dry.
on 5 August 2017
I was looking for roof bars and a top box for a 2014 Dacia Duster ahead of a heavily laden 800 mile trip from middle England to the bottom of France. Circa £1000 for the combination. Then I stumbled upon roof top bags and it wasn't long before I narrowed it down to the Big Daddy. I had a few queries about it and I received some excellent support from the man behind Big Daddy (Kristian) and his staff (including Jessica the wonderfully titled ‘Customer Delight Manager’) before I bought it. A ‘belt and braces’ approach influenced my getting the non slip mat and the cargo bag straps as well.
Unopened, it comes in its own compact bag and takes up very little space when not in use.
The non slip mat simply unrolls along the roof and the bag sits on it, fitting perfectly between the roof rails. It clips securely around the roof rails and didn't really need the extra straps, which served only to reassure the driver.
Although this is a strong bag, the walls are soft so I decided to load it with mostly soft items and wow, this thing is a tardis, I got loads in it.
The overall height kept us under the dimensions for extra payment on the ferry crossing, whereas a top box sitting on roof bars would have easily exceeded it.
We did an overnight stop on the way down France and decided to keep the Big Daddy with us in the hotel room. With one of us either side, it easily unclips and the two of us lifted it to the room with ease and without emptying it. We didn't bother with the extra straps from that point on.
It’s difficult to work out if we used more fuel by wearing a Big Daddy but we didn't seem to fill up any more than on previous trips without one.
In summary, this is a fabulous piece of kit for a very reasonable price