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About us

 Hi! I'm Kristian, Founder of Big Daddy Outdoors. I'm a proud dad of two amazing young boys and as a full time, overworked advertising exec and keen outdoorsman, climber, surfer and mountaineer. I want to spend as much time as I can connecting my boys with Mother Nature. So my wife and I are often taking road trips to the mountains, campsites and seaside and even though we have a large car, two boys, a dog and a tonne of outdoor gear soon fills the car. So like most people we purchased a big and expensive roof box to carry the load and it was great but.......

It was a real pain to fit and keep taking on and off, it didnt actually fit that much kit in as it's an odd wedge shape. We couldnt fit the car into a lot of multi storey car parks and on top of that, it took up so much room to store when it wasn't being used. So there had to be another solution right? And the solution almost was a cargo bag! Cargo bags, just strap straight onto the roof of a car with roof rails so it was quick to strap on and off, rolled up when not in use and was cheap to buy. So after purchasing a roof bag, off we set on our road trip. After 1 weekend and a 500 mile journey, the bag was ripped and leaked water in but the principal was great. So I bought another and another, three in total and in spite of paying more money the bags just weren't upto the challenge of being strong, secure and waterproof. After more money wasted and an episode of nearly losing our tent on the freeway, I'd decided the only way I was going to get a great Cargo bag was to get one made myself. so that's what I did and Big Daddy Cargo bags was born. I focused on designing the strongest, most waterproof, most secure fitting and largest bag I could. We use the strongest materials, the best manufacturers and most importantly we are constantly working to improve the product with your feedback. Our mission remains the same: Build the best Cargo bags that money can buy. 

Since launching our Big Daddy Cargo bags we have gone on to manufacture and source a range of strong and tough outdoor products from Kids travel beds to Firelighters and Utility tools, all designed to help you and your family enjoy life in the Great outdoors.

Thanks for taking the time to explore our site and if I can help with anything at all, just give me a shout on or call me on 0121 517 0253


Big Daddy Founder